Welcome to Chase Dental!

We are so pleased you have chosen us to care for your smile. The trust and confidence you are placing in us is a privilege we take very seriously. The goal of each member of our team is to provide you with outstanding care and to make each visit with us a positive experience.

What to expect on your first visit:

Your initial visit to Chase Dental will establish a vital foundation for our relationship with you. It will consist of the completion of a medical and dental questionnaire, any required radiographs, and a thorough oral examination done by our dentist or dental hygiene department.

All the information gathered at your first appointment will give our dental professionals a baseline for future comparisons, and allows them to assess your personal requirements and determine any necessary future treatment.

New patients at the Chase Dental can expedite their first visit by printing and filling out the appropriate forms using the links below. Filled out forms should be brought to our office the day of the scheduled appointment.

For you convenience we accept a variety of payment methods, including:
Direct Debit

We can also submit your insurance claims electronically if your insurance company allows it. Please inquire at the office for more details.

x-ray & medical history release form (PDF format)
medical history form (PDF format)

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