Mouth Guards

With a custom fitted mouth guard, your children can play like stars and you can relax a little.

We can custom fit a mouth guard through a simple process that can save their teeth and save you considerable worry and expense. In fact, estimates show that dental treatment and repairs to broken teeth can cost up to 10 times more than a properly fitted protective mouth guard.

For any child involved in contact sports, like football, a custom fitted mouth guard is a wise choice of equipment. Let them know we make them in hot colours so they can keep their cool while they keep their smiles.

cosmetic bonding to cover chips, cracks and stains
natural looking crowns
bridges and implants
root canal therapy
professional cleanings and regular checkups
full and partial dentures
nightguards: protection from teeth grinding
tooth-coloured non-mercury fillings
teeth whitening (bleaching)
protective mouth guards
oral hygiene maintenance

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