Regular Checkups

Nine out of ten people experience gum disease (gingivitis). Left untreated, many lose teeth as a result of eventual bone loss.

Regular checkups and hygiene visits can help you to prevent the bacterial plaque buildup that causes gum disease so you can keep your teeth for a lifetime.

What happens during your checkups?

During your checkups, we look for cavities, make sure your teeth are growing in straight and strong and your gums are healthy. We'll clean and polish your teeth if they need it. If you are unsure how to brush or floss properly, we'll show you how. It's that easy and it doesn't hurt at all.

cosmetic bonding to cover chips, cracks and stains
natural looking crowns
bridges and implants
root canal therapy
professional cleanings and regular checkups
full and partial dentures
nightguards: protection from teeth grinding
tooth-coloured non-mercury fillings
teeth whitening (bleaching)
protective mouth guards
oral hygiene maintenance

Try drinking water instead of pop. It has no calories, no acid and no sugar, and it contributes to overall health.

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